About Us

Geolab LLC was formed in Denver, Colorado in 2008 to provide software development services in the Geo-Spatial niche market. GeoLab consultants have worked in the industry for over twenty two years, and bring that breadth of experience to your development initiatives. The company has focused on the utilization of both proprietary GIS software, and the mature Open Source GIS market. Through on-going research on existing and emerging tool sets, Geolab works to design and deploy the ideal system for you business requirements.


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Recursor ArcPy

GeoLab ReactJS

Colorado Wind Atlas

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GeoLab focuses on three main service areas:

  • Geo-Spatial desktop and web software development for GIS, cartography, remote sensing, and web services
  • Geo-Spatial related cloud, ESRI, and Open Source architecture design and implementations
  • Big Data Analytics, with special emphasis on spatial data sets